Analyst Claim Review Station

The NovoHealth Dental Analyst Claim Review Station makes it easy for clinicians to review digital images related to claims — including radiographs.

The convenient image viewer includes automatic enhancement tools that make radiographs, photographs and documents critically clear.


NovoDynamics X-Ray Vision technology

automatically enhances, classifies and extracts critical information from radiographs, photographs and scanned documents. More...

Disease assessment tools

Comprehensive audit trail

Integration with your existing claims system

What if better technology could help your analysts be more efficient and more effective?

NovoHealth Dental exceeded our expectations for enhancing our claims review process.

— Dr. Jeffery Johnston, Senior Vice President and Chief Science Officer, Delta Dental of Michigan

The NovoHealth Dental Analyst Claim Review Station was designed to meet the requirements of analysts from one of the largest dental insurance companies in the U.S.  Analysts can process claims faster and more accurately with rapid image access, automatic image enhancement, disease assessment tools and a comprehensive audit trail.

NovoHealth Dental is ready to integrate into your claims review workflow.