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What Patients Want to Know

Technology to help our clinical analysts increase their efficiency and effectiveness is one of the best investments we can make.

— Dr. Jeffery Johnston, Senior Vice President and Chief Science Officer
Delta Dental of Michigan


Teeth don't lie.

They can reveal gender, age, race, pathology, dental materials and developmental abnormalities.

Because teeth are unique to every individual, forensic dentistry can be used to identify unknown remains from crimes, accidents and natural disasters. It can also help uncover dental fraud.

Fingerprinting digital media works very much like fingerprinting people, relying on innate characteristics of the subject. Human fingerprints are characterized by patterns of loops or whorls; digital media fingerprints are comprised of unique visual clues in the image. In both cases, a database of fingerprints must be maintained, against which to compare fingerprints “found in the field.” NovoDynamics AI can rapidly match fingerprint “evidence” to fingerprints on file. That's where the NovoDynamics Similarity Engine comes into play.

X-Ray Vision fingerprints every document:

  • Radiograph

Arrow Aqua Gradient.png
X-Ray Set
  • Correspondence

Fingerprint 2.png
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  • Photograph

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Fingerprint Photo.png
Fingerprint 3.png
  • Depth Chart

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Fingerprint 4.png