Dental insurance analysts typically focus on one claim at a time. How likely are clinicians to remember and recognize similar claim documents they might have seen weeks or months or years earlier? What if the radiographs are the same but the views have been altered? What if cloned images have been inserted into different radiograph sets in multiple claims? And what if claims containing similar images are reviewed by different analysts?

With NovoDynamics Decipher technology, it doesn't matter how much time has elapsed; it doesn't matter if views have been altered or placed in different sets; and it doesn't matter if different analysts review claims. Because Decipher fingerprints each and every image and automatically detects similar images in the system. 

Cloning images is easy.

Now, finding cloned images among millions of insurance claims is easy, too. 

But just because multiple claims include duplicate images, fraud isn't a foregone conclusion — the document may have been submitted in error.

That's why Decipher employs machine learning to provide high-confidence image anomaly detection, even after deployment. And our engineers are in the process of integrating additional data sources that will make Decipher even more accurate.

NovoDynamics Decipher is the core technology utilized in the NovoHealth Dental Image Anomaly Detection module.

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