Disease Assessment

NovoHealth Dental Disease Assessment modules are on the way. The first module, NovoHealth Dental Perio, is currently in pilot testing with one of the largest U.S. dental insurance companies.


NovoDynamics X-Ray Vision technology

automatically enhances, classifies and extracts critical information from radiographs, photographs and scanned documents. More...

What if your clinical analysts could validate their assessments based on a huge database of expert diagnoses?

NovoHealth Dental Perio can provide consistent statistical support for your analysts’ disease assessment decisions.

Radiographs sent to insurers typically don’t contain scale information so it’s impossible to create precise measurements. Without accurate measurements, periodontitis assessments performed by insurance analysts can be subjective. 

NovoHealth Dental Perio can help analysts confirm their assessments of periodontitis. It accurately identifies key anatomical structures on radiographs, then uses AI to assess bone loss. Additional NovoHealth Dental Disease Assessment modules are in development.

NovoHealth Dental Disease Assessment is currently in pilot testing.