November 17-20, 2020

If you’re attending the NHCAA 2020 Annual Training Conference, please join Dr. Jeffery Johnston, Sr. Vice President and Chief Science Officer at Delta Dental of MI, OH and IN, on Thursday, November 19th at 3 pm to learn how Delta Dental of Michigan is using artificial intelligence (AI) in fighting dental insurance fraud with NovoHealth Dental from NovoDynamics. Dr. Johnston will discuss how Delta Dental of MI is leveraging NovoHealth Dental to automatically assess 100% of incoming claims without increasing staff. Session attendees will learn how NovoHealth Dental is helping Delta Dental of MI more effectively uncover fraud, waste, and abuse. Dr. Johnston will present best practices in implementing AI technology and demonstrate real-world benefits.

Chat live with our experts during the NHCAA 2020 ATC at the NovoDynamics Virtual Conference Booth to find out how your company can start using this proven AI solution today to:

  • Streamline claims processing

  • Identify F/W/A before paying claims

  • Support disease assessment decisions with objective statistical models

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