The NovoHealth Dental solutions currently in production are already helping insurers uncover anomalies, analyze claims more efficiently and reduce risk. 

What’s Next

In addition to images, NovoHealth Dental Claim Anomaly Detection (CAD) will soon be analyzing all patient records submitted with claims, as well as available databases — for every claim. NovoDynamics AI will uncover anomalous claims based on a variety of investigative factors such as instances of similar images, unusual patterns of practitioner behavior and billing trends. NovoHealth Dental will serve up a prioritized review queue so the insurer's valuable clinical resources and analysts can focus on claims with the highest likelihood of fraud, and assess them before they're paid.



  Patient Records

  Clinical Measurements

  Disease Assessments

  Patient Demographics

  Dentist Statistics

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Increased Efficiency

and Effectiveness

NovoHealth Dental Claim Anomaly Detection will soon be analyzing all claim-related images, records and available databases.

The next generation of NovoHealth Dental Claim Anomaly Detection is currently in development.

What’s Coming

Our vision is for NovoHeath Dental to perform real-time, full claim review and processing, right at the dentist’s chair.  We believe seamless integration into the dental ecosystem will reduce risk for everyone — insurers, practitioners and patients — and it will also lower costs, increase profits, and build goodwill.

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NovoHealth Dental Real-time Claims Processing will review and process each claim before the patient leaves the dentist's chair.

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1. Dentist performs exam

2. NovoHealth Dental analyzes exam      data and creates claim request

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4. System processes

    and pays claim

3. Insurer reviews, approves

    and funds claim payment