Delta Dental of Michigan Utilizes NovoHealth Dental to Streamline and Analyze Dental Insurance Claims

ANN ARBOR, Mich., October 21, 2019NovoDynamics, Inc., a leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, and Delta Dental of Michigan today announced that they have entered into an agreement to integrate NovoDynamics® NovoHealth™ Dental into the insurer’s claims processing system. NovoHealth Dental is designed to help insurance companies save time and money by using AI to streamline and analyze dental insurance claims. 

Because of the huge volume of dental claims submitted to insurers like Delta Dental of Michigan each year, clinical analysts tasked with validating submissions can review only a small percentage of cases. NovoHealth Dental, powered by NovoDynamics® AI, quickly and accurately assesses every claim submitted to the insurer’s system. It automatically detects anomalous claims and serves up a prioritized queue for clinician review, ensuring that the insurance company’s valuable human resources are utilized as efficiently and effectively as possible.

NovoDynamics has been working with Delta Dental of Michigan since 2016. NovoHealth Dental was piloted and evaluated over an 18-month period to ensure it met the insurer’s high standards for accuracy and quality. Delta Dental of Michigan’s Senior Vice President and Chief Science Officer Dr. Jeffery Johnston said, “Technology to help our clinical analysts increase their efficiency and effectiveness is one of the best investments we can make. After reviewing the results of several pilots, NovoHealth Dental exceeded our expectations for enhancing our claims review process.”

NovoHealth Dental analyzes all claim-related files, including digital images such as radiographs, photographs, periodontal charts and scanned documents. This innovative software solution automatically flags, annotates and prioritizes anomalous claims. NovoHealth Dental is built with proprietary technologies developed specifically to address several key dental insurance industry challenges: NovoDynamics® X-Ray Vision utilizes advanced image processing techniques to automatically enhance, classify and extract vital information from document images, and NovoDynamics® Decipher employs the company's leading-edge AI, which incorporates the expertise of top dental clinicians, to uncover anomalous claims. As more data is accrued, NovoDynamics AI uses machine learning to continuously improve its neural models and increase the accuracy and capabilities of NovoHealth Dental.

According to NovoDynamics CEO David Rock, “What differentiates NovoHealth Dental from other claim review technologies is its ability to use AI to analyze all critical claim information — including radiographs — in ways never done before. Creating a successful AI solution isn’t just about applying algorithms to a data set; it also requires a significant understanding of real-world business needs, along with expert data management, from selecting and extracting the right data to effectively cleaning and normalizing the data, to integrating continually accumulating data into a self-sustaining system.”

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