NovoDynamics scientists and engineers are experts at transforming disparate data into actionable insights. They create systems that uncover critical information in both documents and images; they find patterns and causal relationships in extremely large data sets; and they build predictive models that support decisions within public sector and commercial environments. 

NovoHealth Dental Solutions are built with proprietary technologies developed specifically to address several key Dental Insurance industry challenges:

We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom.

— E.O Wilson, Scientist, 2X Pulitzer Prize Winner

At NovoDynamics, we see AI as only one of the many components needed to address complex challenges. Even the most elegant algorithms are worthless if the data isn’t properly aggregated, integrated and normalized. Successful real-world solutions require comprehensive design and engineering including thorough data preparation, appropriate technologies and a sophisticated understanding of an industry’s unmet needs. Learn more about NovoDynamics AI...

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