X-Ray Vision

NovoDynamics X-Ray Vision automatically applies advanced image processing techniques to enhance radiographs, photographs and scanned documents like paper-based periodontal charts and correspondence. 

Originally developed for military intelligence applications, NovoDynamics image processing technology can make even the most obscured documents readable — by both humans and machines.

NovoDynamics X-Ray Vision automatically makes images critically clear.

Claim documents may be unclear, making it difficult for either humans or machines to read them.

NovoDynamics X-Ray Vision automatically cleans up and clarifies images, making it much easier for analysts and clinicians to review them, using the NovoHealth Dental Analyst Claim Review Station.

Enhanced images also enable X-Ray Vision to classify documents and use optical character recognition (OCR) to digitize text so that critical information can be extracted and utilized by NovoHealth Dental Claim Anomaly Detection

And clear images are needed for NovoHealth Dental Disease Assessment modules to recognize features and make high-confidence assessments.

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